Rediscover the History. Redefine the Narrative.

About the Show


Staying On Code is dedicated to uplifting the Black race. Host Audra Russell uses nonfiction books written by and/or about people of the African diaspora to inspire candid discussions about being Black in America. Guests run the gamut from authors and book influencers to bookstore owners and community leaders.

It's time for Black people to move differently in every aspect of our lives and Staying On Code is inviting the Black community to the table to discuss how to do just that. We'll have thought-provoking discussions about issues that plague the Black community and begin the conversations on how we can individually do our parts to make it better. We'll talk about Black history's triumphs and trials.  We'll talk about where we want to go moving forward. 

The official bookstore for our show is Resist Booksellers. If you want to purchase any of the books discussed in the coming episodes, I urge you to support this wonderful Black-owned bookstore. That's what staying on code is all about: putting Black people and our communities first. 

Staying On Code is a biweekly show that will air every other Friday. Our reading list and show dates for 2023 can be found on the "What We're Reading" page. 

Staying On Code. Rediscover the History. Redefine the Narrative.