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SOC Plus: Further Reading

Exploring the Legacy of 19th-Century Black Millionaires

Black millionaires have played a significant role in shaping American history and culture, from the 19th century to the present day. Despite facing discrimination and systemic barriers, these individuals were able to achieve success through hard w…

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The Affirmative Action Paradox: How White People Benefit Most from These Policies

In the latest episode of Staying On Code, I delved deeper into the world of affirmative action policies and who really benefited from them. Our lens: When Affirmative Action was White, by Ira Katznelson. This book is a deep dive into the origins a…

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Revolutionary Roots: Exploring the Impact and Legacy of the Haitian Revolution

The latest episode of Staying On Code delved into the book The Black Jacobins by historian C.L.R. James. Black Jacobins chronicles the Haitian Revolution, a pivotal event in the history of the Americas and the world, and its relationship to the expa…

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Freedom House: Black EMS Pioneers

Have you ever stopped to think about the origins of emergency medical services and the brave men and women who first answered the call to help those in need? In the upcoming episode of Staying On Code, I had the honor of speaking with John Moon, one…

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E2 The Color of Law Supplemental Reading Llist

As we continue to grapple with the ongoing legacy of racial inequality in America, it's important to understand the laws and policies that were used to segregate our country in the past. From the "Jim Crow" laws of the South to the forced relocation…

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E1 Allow Me to Retort: Supplemental Reading List

I hope you enjoyed the inaugural episode of Staying On Code. The Constitution of the United States is central to American history and identity. It outlines the fundamental principles that have guided the nation since its founding, and it continues t…

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