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Jan. 27, 2023

The Color of Law with Seanathan Polidore

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If you think Black people live in projects because they want to, if you think only Black people have ever lived in the projects, if you think discrimination in lending and housing is a thing of the past, you need to listen to today's episode. My guest commentator, Sean Polidore, and I discuss the book, The Color of Law, which dispels all the myths about segregation in America. 


Seanathan Q PolidoreProfile Photo

Seanathan Q Polidore


Seanathan Polidore, a Navy veteran, is dedicated to empowering both himself and his community through mentorship and reading. A five-time self-published author, Seanathan's list of accomplishments includes but is not limited to 14 years of experience as a public speaker, a master's degree in psychology, and a professor of psychology.