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Jan. 20, 2023

Let's Talk About the Constitution

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Welcome to the inaugural episode of Staying On Code! Guest commentator, Gracia Collins-Rich and I are keeping it real as we talk about the Constitution, who it's REALLY for, and why Black people have been fighting for centuries for rights we shouldn't have to fight to get.
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Gracia RichProfile Photo

Gracia Rich

8x Amazon Bestselling Author and Editor Gracia Collins Rich is a writer, journalist and editor. Her debut thriller, Handkerchief, reached #1 on Amazon’s Bestseller’s list in September 2020. She is also a featured journalist and contributing editor at Formidable Woman Magazine as well as a contributing writer for WOE (Women Own Excellence) Magazine and Creating Your Seat At The Table Magazine.
On the daily basis, she inspires and educates over 2K followers on her Instagram platform @historywithher on American History by sharing it through her collection of mostly historical nonfiction books centered around 18th-19th century United States. As a historian, Gracia believes that we have to know and understand the past before we can truly change the future.
Gracia has been featured on,,, Glambitous! Magazine, Courageous Woman Magazine and MizCEO Magazine.
Gracia is from Rains, South Carolina. She is the mother of four wonderful adult children, and grandmother to Zoe Grace, as well as a Civil Litigation and Criminal Defense Paralegal.